Enjoy your individuality together

Life is easy when the world around you adapts to your wishes. The principle behind the BalanceAdapt™-system of the Stressless® YOU collection is to make that adaptation both automatic and simple. This innovative new feature adjusts the sitting angle of your seat effortlessly to your movements – in perfect balance. BalanceAdapt™-system is activated by the weight of your body and works automatically. And individually for each seat in the Stressless® YOU sofas.

The BalanceAdapt™-system

1 You don’t have to make special adjustments or settings for BalanceAdapt™-system to work. There are no levers or handles

2 BalanceAdapt™-system adjusts each seat individually for the sofas in order to make everyone feel comfortable when sitting down

3 The BalanceAdapt™ -system works automatically and adjusts the angle of your seat according to your body weight.

4 When you lie lengthwise on the Stressless® You sofa, the seat goes completely horizontal to make it comfortable and natural.